2017 Mill Rate & Mill Rate Factors

The Town of Carlyle has set the 2017 mill rate by resolution of 7.8 mills.

In addition to the mill rate, the Town also uses a mill rate factor, set by bylaw of:

Residential 0.7143,

Commercial 1.6667

Agricultural 0

The Base Tax amount is $550.00

 The mill rate factor formula:

(Taxable Assessment x Mill Rate / 1,000) x Mill Rate Factor + Base Tax = Municipal Property Tax Payable

2017 Education Property Tax Mill Rates are as follows:

Agricultural Property                      1.43 mills

Residential Property                       4.12 mills

Commercial/Industrial                   6.27 mills

Taxable Assessment x Education Mill Rate / 1,000 = School Tax payable

Municipal Property Tax payable + School Property Tax payable = TOTAL Taxes Payable.

Now Accepting Community Grant Program Applications


To All Community Organizations:

The Saskatchewan Lotteries Community Grant Program is again available to community organizations.

The purpose of the program is to provide funds to volunteer organizations that provide programs and services in sport, culture and recreation. Funds are provided through the Town of Carlyle to maintain, improve and expand on programs and opportunities for people of all ages to derive the benefits from involvement in sport, culture and recreation activities. For this reason, only those expenditures that can be directly related to programming will qualify for grant assistance.

The Town of Carlyle is now accepting applications for assistance under the Community Grant Program. Application forms for the program are now available at the Town Office and must be submitted by organizations requesting assistance. These applications must be received in the Town Office on or before May 1, 2017.

Download a copy here: Grant Application Package

For further information, please call the Town Office at 453-2363.