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The Town of Carlyle
T: 306-453-2363
F: 306-453-6380
Box 10, Carlyle , SK S0C 0R0

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4 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Carlyle does not host their own Farmer’s Market. The Red Barn in Kenosee has a great market on Sundays – you can find them on Facebook “The Red Market Barn” or give them a call 306-577-1005

  2. Cross walks on Main Street, who inforces them, the town, or the rcmp? With school going back and kids walking to school something needs to be done. No one stops. Today me and my son almost got run over by a truck in a hurray to turn the corner. And I will not let him walk to school by himself because every time we walk, crossing Main Street in the cross walk is a crap shoot. Any ideas!

  3. The laws of the street are enforced by the RCMP, we have eliminated extra parking spaces at the cross walk intersection to provide more visibility to traffic but in these instances I would recommend contacting the RCMP.

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