The Council of the Town of Carlyle establishes policies from time to time to deal with recurring matters.  Here is the Town’s current policy manual:

Abusive Behaviour

Access to Information

Airport Runway Operations

Moving a Building into Town

Civic Center

Curb Removal

Equipment Rental Rates

Rental of Sound System

IInternal Accounting Controls

Lion’s Park Campsites

Distribution of Office Key

Photocopying Charges

Use of Council Chambers


Occupational Health & Safety

Personnel – Driver’s License and Driving

Personnel – Discipline Policy

Personnel – Employee Training

Protection of Privacy

Purchase of Town Property

Scent Free Premises

Rental Construction Incentive

Sewer Rebate

Sewer Line Replacement

Snow Removal

Spraying of Trees

Tax Incentives

Tangible Capital Assets

Transit Van Operation

Travel Expenses

Transfer Station Site Management

Trees and Shrubs on Town Property

Tree Branches/Grass Clippings Pick-Up

Water & Sewer Line Installations


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