Building Permits

Planning to Develop?   Be sure to contact the Town Office if there is anything you are unsure about when planning to develop a property!

The Town of Carlyle requires that an application for building permit be completed for any construction over 10′ x 10′ (100 square feet) as per bylaw No. 2822: Building Bylaw.  There are a number of items that need to be included with your application, to name a few:

  • a proposed development site plan
  • A plan showing, with labels, the elevations, floor plans, and a perspective drawing of the proposed development
  • A landscape plan

Town of Carlyle Permit Application

The permit fee for construction, erection, placement, alteration, repair, renovation or reconstruction of a building shall be based on the following fee schedule:

$5.00 per $1,000.00 for the first $5,000, and $.50 per $1,000.00 thereafter

As well the Town contracts the services of PBI (Public Building Inspectors) for site and plan reviews.  houseThere are additional forms to be completed for PBI that are similar to the initial application but are requirements of their plan review, they can be picked up at the Town Office or downloaded here:

Residential Projects:

Building Permit Application Process (Residential Projects)

Residential – Plan Review Checklist (PBI 2016)

Residential – Permit Information Form (PBI 2016)checklist

Pre-Move & Post-Move Inspections (For Buildings Moved In)

Commercial Projects:

Building Permit Application Process (Commercial Projects)

Commercial – Plan Review Checklist (PBI 2016)

Commercial – Permit Information Form (PBI 2016)

Note: the fee(s) for this plan review is also passed on to the registered owner

Demolition or Removal Permits

  1. There shall be no fee for a permit to demolish or remove a building.
    1. However, the applicant shall deposit with the local authority the sum of $500.00 to cover the cost of restoring the site after the building has been demolished or removed to such condition that it is, in the opinion of the local authority or its authorized representative, not dangerous to public safety.
    2. If the applicant who demolishes or removes the building restores the site to a condition satisfactory to the local authority or its authorized representative, the sum deposited, or portion thereof, shall be refunded.

Demolition Permit Application