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Dog Licenses

Pet Permit – in accordance with Bylaw No. 2911

  • No owner of any dog shall be in possession of a dog unless such dog has been licensed. No dog under the age of three months shall require a license.       The license shall be a one time fee for the lifetime of the dog.
  • Registration of dogs and payment of dog license fees shall be made at the business office of the Town of Carlyle.  The fee is Fifteen dollars ($15.00) for each dog.
  • Upon payment of the license fee, the Town of Carlyle will issue a tag that bears a serial number. The owner shall ensure that a collar and the tag issued are worn by the dog when the animal is off the premises of the owner.

Impounding of Dogs and Cats:

  • No owner shall permit any dog or cat to be running at large in the Town of Carlyle.
  • When any dog or cat is captured and impounded, the Town of Carlyle shall post a notice on the Notice Board at the Town Office, giving a description of the said dog or cat, the date when it was impounded and the date and hour when it will be sold or destroyed. Such notice shall be posted seventy-two hours before the said sale or destruction.

 Pound Fees, Cats or Dogs:  First Offence: $50.00
   Second or subsequent offence: $100.00
  **Plus $15.00 per day for food

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