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Utility Bills

All properties in the Town of Carlyle are billed for water and sewer services, based on the metered water consumption.

The Town of Carlyle Utility Bills are processed quarterly and include charges for water, sewer, and Scavenging (Garbage & Recycle Roll-out Carts).

Payments for utility billings can be made by cash, cheque, debit card at our office, by etransfer to or through your online banking by adding us a payee.  There is a an option for you to pay by credit card through our website at the link below:
Town of Carlyle, SK eCommerce
**Note there is a 3% charge to the user for this service.

Pay with Online Banking!

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How is your water bill calculated?

Your water meter measures the water consumed in gallons.  The amount of water your residence or business consumes is multiplied by the current water and sewer rates.

Am I still charged if I don’t use any water?

There is a minimum cost charged to be able to supply water services to your property even if no water is actually used.  This is the fixed charge for the water and sewer system.

Click here for more information about your bill: Understanding your Town of Carlyle Utility Bill

For additional information about your account, please contact our office at (306) 453-2363.

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