Recreation and Culture Feasibility Study

The Town of Carlyle Council is happy to share that they have signed a contract with Collier’s Project Leaders to complete a feasibility study on the Town’s recreation and culture facilities.

This feasibility study serves to provide an analysis of the current facility’s capital needs, community recreational programming, consideration of the viability of co-location/construction with the school project, options analysis, project construction costs and recommendations on a path forward. 

Below is a proposed timeline of the project:

The Town is eager to work with industry professionals who are well versed with the challenges and risks associated with planning, funding, procurement and delivery of projects of this caliber.  As Colliers Project Leaders have shared through their proposal, "developing a recreational asset requires a transparent understanding of possible opportunities, technical and commercial constraints, financial parameters, design, construction and operation”. The key to success of any facility is ensuring it is financially sustainable while meeting the business, social and cultural needs of the community which is of the utmost importance to Town Council as we work through this process.

Please note that the Feasibility Report once completed will be made available for the public viewing and community consultation will take place.