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Property Assessment

What is property assessment?
Assessment is the process of valuing all properties in an area using mass appraisal techniques.  Property assessment is not the same as property tax. Local governments use property assessment to calculate property taxes.  Property assessments link the value of a property to market conditions.  Since property values change over time, all assessments are calculated according to a 'base date' to ensure fairness. 
The Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) determines the assessed values of all the properties in the municipality.  It is an agency that operates independently from government. 

Assessment revaluations are based on a four-year cycle. The 2021 revaluation will update assessed values to reflect a new base date of January 1, 2019. The base date means that 2019 values reflect a property's value as of January 1, 2019.

What property is assessable?
All land and improvements (buildings) are assessable.
  • The term "Land" refers to the 'parcel of land' that is legally surveyed parcel of ground to which an owner has title or a lessee has access.
  • "Improvements" are buildings or structures on the land, including machinery or equipment that is used to service the building.
  • "Property" means land or improvements or both.
Who can I contact to explain my assessment?
If you have specific questions regarding why your property has been assessed a certain way, or what the things on your assessment mean, you may contact SAMA directly at 1-800-498-0575 or  You may also contact the Town Office regarding the assessment, and the appeal process, or with questions on how your assessment might affect your taxes.