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Property Taxes

Municipal Property Tax - Mill Rate & Mill Rate Factors
The Town of Carlyle has set the 2021 Mill Rate by resolution at 8.7 mills.

In addition to the mill rate, the Town also uses a mill rate factor, established by bylaw of:

 Residential  0.7143
 Commercial  1.6667
 Agricultural  1.0000

Base Tax
 Base Tax  550.00

To Calculate the Municipal Portion of Property Tax:
(Taxable Assessment x Mill Rate / 1,000) x Mill Rate Factor + Base Tax = Municipal Property Tax Payable

Education Property Tax - Mill Rates
2021 Education Property Tax Mill Rates are as follows:

 Agricultural Property  1.3600
 Residential Property   4.4600
 Commercial / Industrial   6.7500
 Resource Property  9.7900

To Calculate the Education Portion of Property Tax:
Taxable Assessment x Education Mill Rate / 1,000 = Education Property Tax Payable

Add both the Municipal amounts and the Education amounts together to determine the full amount due for property taxes:
Municipal Property Tax payable + Education Property Tax payable = Total Property Taxes Payable.